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Taste of Europe Conquering Australia

10 May 2012

When Fotios Koutsioukis originally founded Taste of Europe six years ago in Hurstville, Sydney, he had a dream to roll out the business all over Australia.

Today that vision is becoming a reality thanks to the opportunity to launch the new Taste of Europe franchising business model at the Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo.

“The Taste of Europe is now a three-concepts-in-one specialty business,” says Koutsioukis. “We're a bakery, patisserie and cafe offering authentic European taste and flair. We showcased this concept at our Sydney Expo stand by providing coffee and sweets and baking our products onsite, including croissants, our signature ‘Fradzola’ line (Greek bread) and fresh, dark German and Danish bread.”

Koutsioukis, who is based at Taste of Europe in Double Bay, has been more than happy with the results of the Expo so far. The launch only began two months ago and he “didn't expect so much” to happen, considering it's still early days.

“Two people have already signed up for a franchise. We're currently working on a lease in Cronulla. So the response and interest has been great.”

And why wouldn't it be? Taste of Europe allows customers to grab a coffee and cake, sit down for a meal or pick up a fresh loaf of bread. It's this point of difference that opens up a wealth of benefits for franchisees teaming up with the brand.

“Firstly, you're building a dream of running your own business. There's financial freedom and flexibility that is coupled with being your own boss, and you can set and reach your own goals.”

Prospective franchisees are also able to offer unique European products while saving valuable time and money in the process.

“Franchisees receive products directly to their business from our supplier for sustainable baking. The product comes in, you run the oven according to procedures and bake your own products in a full fit-out of necessary ovens and equipment. Our croissant system is designed so you can thaw out the exact quantities you need to bake batches within the hour, which minimises waste.”

Koutsioukis’ hot tips for potential franchisees looking for a new business:

  • Look for something offering more than one product that is unique.
  • It should have an exclusive and easy-to-use system.
  • You need to be interested in and enjoy the products.

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