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Praise for show's new organiser

19 March 2014

5 October 2013: After three successful shows this year, Specialised Events has been pleased and humbled by the industry’s reception to the Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo as it completed its first year.

Suzanne Jarzabkowska, CEO at DC Strategy says she was impressed by the direction the Expo has taken. “I think everybody in the industry welcomes a very directed and a very focused attention on the needs of the sector,” she says. “I absolutely encourage all of us in the sector to get behind this show because it's to the benefit of the entire industry.”

Specialised Events’ Managing Director Tim Collett says there was a lot of attention paid to solid marketing and promotions for the three shows. “For the Melbourne one we decided to risk putting the bulk of our marketing dollars into television,” he explains. “This strategy really paid off, as demonstrated by the numbers – and most importantly the quality – of visitors to the Melbourne show. We’ll be looking to use TV extensively again for all three shows in 2014.”