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Introducing Women in Franchising

24 August 2012

Franchising isn’t just a man's game. A reality more Australian women are realising thanks to support from Women in Franchising (WIF).

The Franchise Council of Australia formed WIF in 2007 in a bid to acknowledge and empower women in the vital role they play in the franchising sector.

As a national special interest group, WIF assists women by providing a range of genuine opportunities and initiatives for contribution, networking and professional development to strengthen their success in franchising. The association also promotes the achievements of women within the franchising sector and to Australia's broader business community.

According to Which Franchise Australia, the number of franchisors looking to specifically recruit women has tripled in the last 10 years.

Another plus is that the amount of successful women running their own franchise business isn't just increasing, it's spreading across a wide range of industries in Australia – from gardening, children services and beauty to food and coffee, health and fitness, estate agencies and recruitment.

Franchising is an attractive business model for women because:

•    It offers the flexibility required to juggle home/family life with work.
•    The franchisor can assist with setting up and provide ongoing support.
•    Women can return to work after having a baby and continue operating at a high level, not at a lower or part-time position.
•    Buying a franchise in Australia means you’re buying into the training, support and experience of the franchisor, so it allows you to choose to enter a business that is different from what you did previously.
•    The harder you work, the greater the rewards.

If franchising sounds like a career path for you, WIF can offer you the support you need to make it happen. WIF is known for focusing on and influencing FCA policy on key issues relating to women in franchising.

Show your support for WIF and stay up to date with the latest information by liking their Facebook page (includes details on how to become a member).

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