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Hello Melbourne! The 2012 Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo Kicks Off

16 August 2012

The 2012 Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo has just arrived in town and free entry isn't the only perk on offer.

Enter the gates and find yourself treated to an assortment of franchising business opportunities presented under the one roof, which makes doing your homework an easier task if you're considering the possibility of becoming your own boss.

It's highly useful to speak face to face with successful franchisors exhibiting so that you can gain a better understanding of what entering that particular business entails. There are also several educational seminars being held that provide another great starting point for your franchising research.

If you're really serious about entering franchising, here are five ways to get the most value out of the Melbourne Expo:

1. Know before you go

Studying the Melbourne Expo's floor plan and creating a shortlist of exhibiting franchisors that you're genuinely interested in will save you time. You'll know exactly which stalls you need to visit and what pressing questions to ask.

2. Get one-on-one specialist advice

It's essential to seek out professional advice from a qualified and experienced advisor to assist in buying a franchise or business system. Make a free appointment at the Franchising Advice Centre with specialist lawyers and NAB franchise bankers as soon as you get to the Expo.

3. Meet the big names

Lollypotz, Oporto, Caltex Australia, The Cheescake Shop and V.I.P. Home Services are just some of Melbourne's high-performing brands exhibiting at the show. You can speak directly with these leading franchisors to find out as much as you can about franchising and their business.

4. Attend free education seminars

The Franchisee Success Seminars are the 2012 Expo's brand new initiative where successful franchisees and franchisors from different systems will discuss their journeys and reasons behind selecting their chosen businesses. Learn the secrets behind McDonald's achievements in Australia and discover tips from the FCA to determine whether entering franchising is a suitable choice for you. View Melbourne's timetable.

5. Visit the Mobile Business Centre

The Victorian Government's  Mobile Business Centre provides free advice and information for small businesses in regional Victoria and metropolitan areas. The Mobile Business Centre bus will be at the Expo with Victorian Government information officers providing insights on marketing, finance, human resources, sales and industry knowledge. They also offer information and resources on Small Business Victoria's programs, including low-cost seminars and provide time-saving tools and templates.

Register today for your free tickets to the Melbourne Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo, running from Friday 17th August to Sunday 19th August.



By: Michelle Wilding