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That's a wrap, Brisbane!

1 August 2012

The Brisbane Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo has exceeded all expectations this year.

There was a whopping 29 per cent jump in visitors since 2011's show! Over 1700 attendees took full advantage of the Expo's long-awaited return to Brisbane, flocking to meet face-to-face with the people behind a range of franchise systems and businesses for sale.

But it's not all about floor traffic. The positive atmosphere and quality of visitors impressed exhibiting franchisors just as much as the volume that passed through the gates.

"The expo gives us immediate access to potentially a few thousand people in a short period of time," said Franchise Selection's Managing Director of Franchise Kevin Bugeja. "We certainly got enough numbers, contacts and exposure by attending. We represent a large number of national brands and clients, so we're very likely to get franchising grants out of the people we met."

Senior Helpers' Director of Franchising John Flynn also found the expo beneficial.  "In terms of people coming through, it was fairly busy,” said Flynn. “We received dozens of leads and we're very satisfied with the support and interest."

As a first time exhibitor, A1 Test and Tagging's Director/Technical Manager Richard Fear said he received excellent results, describing prospective franchisee attendees as "extremely high class".

"We do a lot of trade shows and I was a bit hesitant in exhibiting for the first time because some work and some don't,” said Fear. “But I was surprisingly impressed with the Franchising Expo and the quality of the show.”

Fear conducted a questionnaire and found that many visitors said they were looking at franchising for a different lifestyle, particularly 30 to 35-year-olds and up.

"I found that the older visitors reaching about 50 were working for someone already and getting fed up with procedures. They weren't getting anywhere and their experience wasn't being used. So they would love to run a franchising business that already has guidelines and is set up."

Franchise Selection and Senior Helpers are among the franchise and business opportunities exhibiting at the upcoming Melbourne Expo. Register for free tickets today.


By Michelle Wilding