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Spotlight on the FCA

5 July 2012

The Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) is a body that represents franchisees, franchisors and service providers to the Australian franchising sector. Its function is to service the industry and make sure that best practice standards are implemented and adhered to.

The FCA was originally formed in a bid to introduce the best international standards in business franchising practices into Australian franchise systems. This means that all FCA members are expected to conduct their franchising activities in a professional manner – adhering to Australian law, authoritative FCA member standards and the Franchising Code of Conduct.

Since the FCA operates with the goal of making the franchising sector a sustainable place to work, it also actively contributes to government policies, provides educational services to its members and promotes franchising in the media. After all, franchising success in Australia relies on happy and profitable franchisees.

FCA membership is voluntary and open to individuals and organisations in the franchising sector.

Benefits of FCA membership

  • Education: If you're just beginning a career in franchising, the FCA Franchise Academy can equip you with the skills and knowledge needed for continual success.
  • Credible branding: The FCA logo and brand represents credibility and professional business conduct. FCA membership enables you to use these in your marketing initiatives, portraying your business as trustworthy and one that complies with reputable standards.
  • A voice: FCA members have equal voting rights and an effective say in where the future of franchising in Australia is going.
  • Regular industry events: The FCA hosts regular breakfast, lunch and dinner events across all Australian states and territories. This provides the perfect opportunity to network with other franchisees and learn from influential guest speakers.

Don't miss the FCA at the Expo!

The FCA endorses the Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo and will run a multitude of on-site events that you should check out:

  • Franchising Success Club Seminars: The Expo's brand new initiative hosted by the FCA unravels the secrets to a perfect franchise system. You can discover how major franchisee players became household names, hearing stories straight from the mouths of Boost Juice, Coco Cubano and PoolWerx to name a few.
  • FCA stall: Visit the FCA's stall for a one-on-one chat about the franchising industry. This is an opportunity to provide further insight into whether franchising is a suitable career path for you.

Register for your free tickets to the upcoming Brisbane Expo and catch the FCA's information-rich 'Is franchising right for you?' seminar at the Brisbane Seminar Theatre, 12pm Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of July.