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Educating Potential Franchisees

4 July 2012

Are you contemplating buying a franchise? Before you sign on the dotted line, it's worth doing your research first to ensure you're educated and approaching the early stages of franchising the right way.

In association with Griffith University, the Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence offers a free specialist franchise course sponsored by the ACCC. It's designed to equip potential franchisees with the knowledge they need to make the best business choices.

The course provides precious insight that will help participants assess franchising business opportunities before they take the plunge and buy into a franchise.

What you will learn:

  • Analysis skills: Learning what to look for in a franchising business can strengthen your ability to decide what works for you, and reduce your risk of entering a business with unrealistic expectations. It also helps you decide whether a franchise suits your lifestyle and career goals.
  • Business operation: Having a sound understanding of the different franchising business models and relationships will prepare you for operating your own franchise business. You will then know the ins and outs, what you need to commit to in order to achieve success and become aware of proper franchise practice standards.
  • Funding: Find out how to finance a franchise, pay ongoing costs and learn common retail leasing practices. You will also discover what types of support may be provided after you buy a franchise.
  • Pros and cons: Learn the advantages and disadvantages of entering a franchise business. That is, the factors you must assess to determine whether franchising is suitable for you. You will also learn the questions you need to ask franchisees who are already in business.

How does the course operate?

The franchise specialist course is taught across five 45-minute eClass modules, which means you can enjoy the convenience of an online course. Each module offers a wealth of information and is rich in media content. It consists of a combination of written, video and audio information and interviews.

Participants are required to complete an assessment quiz at the end of each module to test their understanding of what's involved in buying a franchise. When you pass, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion to signify your participation in the franchise education program.

Register with the Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence today and the first module of ‘Buying a Franchise’ will be emailed directly to your inbox so you can start on your path to franchising success.

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